Student Research Project

Topic:Definition and integration of a XML interface for the enquiry of media rights in a heterogeneous archive combine
Grade:none given
Institute:Institute for programm structures and data organisation of the University of Karlsruhe
Referent:Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Peter C. Lockemann
Attendant:Dipl.-Inf. Marc Sieburg (MS² GmbH, IRT Munich)
Dipl.-Inf. Michael Christoffel (TU Karlsruhe)
Submit:April 29 2003


The media archives of the broadcasting companies are one of their foundations which fundamentally carries their work. Different media archives which still are structured very differently shall be made accessible with the help of the Medienbroker written by ms² GmbH over a uniform surface.

The working group of the public legal broadcasting companies of the Federal Republic of Germany (ARD) is a combine of broadcasting institutions which have obliged themselves by contract to make their media archives available mutually. For the exchange of media the administration of media rights is required. For example the producer, the author resp. the composer and the interpreters have claims on the medium which normally are fixed in contracts.

To be able to use the programme contributions storing in the archives, a simple and fast access to these right data would be a helpful. In ARD the departments of fees and licences (HoLi) of the individual sending institutions manage these contracts. To simplify the information exchange, ARD would like to introduce a strategic right data combine which contains all its computers on which media rights are managed.

To this end this student research project shall extend the existing system for media enquiry, the Medienbroker written by ms² GmbH. After a successful media enquiry it shall be possible to search specificly for the according media rights and to present them.


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