Small tools for MAC OS (tested with Snow Leopard)

AddressBook Emails to Lowercase converts all emails in the Address Book to lowercase (what a surprise).

StartupMinimized are a bunch of scripts that minimize the applications Mail, iChat, Skype and TaskCoach on startup (which was not possible by System Preferences -> Users -> Startup Objects for these applications in one of my former system installations).

TrueCrypt (un)mount mounts TrueCrypt volume into the file system and opens it in the Finder. By executing the script again the TrueCrypt volume will be unmounted.
The TrueCrypt volume is referenced by an absolute path in the script. Open the script in the AppleScript Editor to customize the path.

webloc2url converts *.webloc files (MAC OS) to *.url files (Windows/Linux). Both file types are representing an URL in the file system.